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Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery/Therapy Services

Have you recently been in a car accident? We can help! Our experienced therapists are exceptionally knowledgeable in managing Motor Vehicle Accident injuries, including whiplash treatment, soft tissue healing, and pain management strategies. Reach out to a team member today for a consultation. We also offer the following benefits:

  • No Referral Needed
  • Direct Billing Options


Here are some things to know and questions we are often asked from those involved in motor vehicle collisions:

Q. Why am I so stiff and sore?
Motor vehicle accidents, even at seemingly low speeds, can lead to tears or microtears in the soft tissues of the neck or back.  The neck is particularly susceptible given the relatively heavy weight of the head and the very mobile nature of the cervical spine. The natural response of an injured muscle is to tighten, allowing for some degree of protection to the injured tissue.  Further complications can arise if there were any areas of direct impact such as on the steering wheel or seat belt.
Q. How can physiotherapy help in my recovery?

Physiotherapy can assist in your recovery in a number of ways.  Your therapist can provide you with education on topics such as ideal sleep positions, appropriate posture, necessary activity limitations and pain management strategies in order to optimize your healing.  Treatment will typically also include manual therapy, the use of the practitioner’s hands to improve muscle tightness and joint mobility, and is usually reinforced with a home program that addresses particular areas of tightness or weakness.  In addition, adjunct strategies such as dry needling, acupuncture, heat, ice or ultrasound may be used to help manage symptoms.

Q. When will I get back to normal?

There is no standard timeline for recovery as healing times are dependent on a number of factors including: severity of injury, previous history of injuries, general health, client’s age, occupation and hobbies, and compliance with the treatment program.  Your therapist will be better able to estimate your recovery times following a comprehensive history and physical exam.

Q. How do I make sure I am covered for treatment?

Treatment for injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions in Alberta are regulated by the Alberta Regulation Insurance Act and specifically under the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation. Under these regulations a claimant must submit their claim within ten days of their collision by submitting an AB1 form.  (Find the AB1 form HERE). Following assessment by a health care practitioner an AB2 form is submitted to your insurance company by that health care practitioner, outlining the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

There are two protocols regarding treatment after an automotive accident: “Under Protocol” and “Outside Protocol.” To be Under Protocol, you must complete and submit an AB-1 form to your insurance company within 10 business days of the date of your accident.

If you don’t submit your AB-1 forms within 10 business days, you are considered “Outside Protocol” and your automotive injury adjuster will decide whether direct billing will be authorized or if you’ll need to pay for your physiotherapy treatment and submit your receipts to your insurance company.

If this is overwhelming for you, we can help, just give us a call today at 780.424.4804!

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