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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage can play a role in managing acute or chronic soft tissue disorders, as well as contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Massage therapy can therefore be part of the rehabilitation process or a component of self-care to address the stresses of day to day life. In addition to physiotherapy, the services provided at Corona Station Physical Therapy includes those of a massage therapist who offers therapeutic, relaxation, sports and pre-natal massage therapies .

Massage therapy is a hands-on gentle manipulation of soft tissue to help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and promote healing. Therapeutic massage relaxes overused and tense muscles, removes toxins that have accumulated in the muscles, and stimulates circulation along with nerve and lung activity. Physical therapy and massage therapy work together to help speed the healing process so that you feel better faster.

There are multiple kinds of therapeutic massage, and depending on what your ailment is, different types of massage therapy may benefit you during your physiotherapy treatment plan.  Our massage therapist, Aleh Kadychenka, is a registered massage therapist (also known as RMT), and here to help you on your road to recovery.

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