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Golfer’s Elbow

Research News on Golfer’s Elbow


Golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylosis, is a common condition that is characterized by pain at the medial epicondyle, exacerbated by resisted muscle contraction of the supinator and wrist flexors.


ECCENTRIC EXERCISES: Eccentric exercises have been shown to be effective for treating golfer’s elbow. The outcome measure for chronic medial epicondylosis was markedly improved with the addition of an eccentric wrist flexor exercise to standard physical therapy interventions. Given the inconsistent outcomes for patients previously treated with chronic medial epicondylosis the addition of isolated eccentrics seems warranted.

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Corticosteroids and elbow straps are often used for golfer’s elbow treatment, however, there is only very limited prospective clinical or experimental evidence for their effectiveness. The most effective modalities of treatment are relative rest (the absence of painful activity) combined with cryotherapy (ice therapy) in the acute stage then heat in its various modalities including ultrasound.

At Corona Station Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are devoted to evidence based care. We teach patients about joint and tendon unloading, offer manual therapy, ice therapy, heat therapy, and ultrasound. In addition, we provide suitable strengthening exercises (including eccentric exercises). For more information, please contact us by phone or email one of our physical therapists.


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